Terms and conditions

This document contains legal terms for purchasing through the internet store. By accepting your order, you agree to the terms and conditions on distance contracting, so please be sure to read it before finalizing your order! In case of delivery by courier service, the shipping cost invoiced to courier by our courier service will be further invoiced based on the fixed shipping fee card, which further invoicing is considered acceptable by accepting the terms of the contract. For shipping costs, see the Shipping Fees table in advance. For questions about the operation, ordering and delivery process of our webshop, contact our Customer Service!

Company Information (Seller)

Gyurák Hidraulika Kft.

1202 Budapest, Nagykőrösi út 121.

Tax number: 14993426-2-43, HU14993426

Phone: + 36-1-283-8651

E-mail: info (at) epextech.hu

Web: www.epextech.hu

Subject of the contract

The subject of the contract is all articles on www.epextech.hu. You can find the properties, features and pictures of articles on the specific page on the article. The color of the ordered product may differ in some cases from the photo of the product on the website. When editing the web page, we strive to eliminate color discrepancies. The color of the product does not affect the quality.


The person who accesses the services of the Seller's webshop, ie, registers and purchases goods through this web site on the web site of the SALE web store. You will also qualify as a customer if you place your order by phone, e-mail, fax, or personally in our shop in Budapest.

Order process

You can order the selected product via the web site, by phone, fax or e-mail.

Prices, promotions

The price displayed next to the product is the net price of the product, which is in Hungarian Forint. The bid price is valid at the given moment and becomes a final price only if the customer completes the order process steps and approves the order. The final price of the product and the delivery service is the price that is included with the product at the time of approval and also in the e-mail sent by the order. The final price can be modified only with the agreement of the parties. If an order is modified for any reason, it will be merged to the modified order with the delivery and payment conditions applicable at the time of modification. Promotional prices are guaranteed up to the date of expiry or stock availability. The currency on the website is always adjusted to the fixed Hungarian forint exchange rate, so it can show daily fluctuations.

Payment options

In cash: we provide personal shopping opportunities in our stores.

Pre-transfer: After ordering the goods, the invoice will be issued and sent by fax or e-mail. After balancing the total amount on the invoice, the product is assembled and can be removed or dispatched.

Cash on delivery: If you purchase our product by using a mail order service, you may have a cash back payment. The delivered goods must be paid in cash at the courier of the parcel service, together with the cost of the cash transfer (Payable = purchase price + delivery cost). The invoice for the goods and shipping costs will be handed to you by the courier along with the goods. Use of payment methods other than the above (eg ex-post transfer) may only be effected in the case of prior consultation of the CUSTOMER and the SELLER.

Bankcard: It is possible in our shop in Budapest!

Delivery and delivery conditions

You can use our mail order service. Our company is dealing with Trans-o-flex courier service. Your order will be processed the same day, if it arrives in our system until 12.00.

In Hungary: Orders ordered can be received within 2-3 business days, depending on the stock. Payment options: pre-transfer, cash on delivery (in HUF). In case of a personal delivery order, the ordered product / products can be stored for 7 working days, then we will automatically cancel the order and the product will be sold!

Romania, Slovakia: within 3-4 business days from the date of order. Payment options: pre-transfer, cash on delivery (RON in Romania, Slovakia in Euro). Our stock is constantly changing, so the product that is still on the web site may not be available and can not be or can only be partially completed. Of course, we will notify you by e-mail or telephone, and we will reconcile your modified order. For courier service, please always enter your (mobile) phone number so that the courier can negotiate with you on receipt for a possible unsuccessful delivery. In the case of a failed delivery, you may receive your order at a pre-agreed date on the next working day but at the courier. When ordering, the billing and shipping address may differ from one another, and this will be taken into account when packing. Attention! Please check the status of the product upon receipt if the product is damaged by courier being documented on this record. In the absence of a protocol, we can not replace the damaged goods. For more information on courier delivery, visit the Trans-o-flex courier service website. http://www.tof.hu/ Phone +36 1 8 777 400 +36 1 8 777 444 We reserve the right to change our shipping conditions!

Shipping charges

You can find our current delivery rates in the Shipping menu item.

Unsuccessful delivery

In the case of non-delivery, the courier service attempts a second free delivery. In all cases, however, you will be responsible for the costs of redeployment due to your failure for delivery.

Damaged package

Please check the box at delivery before the courier. If you experience any damage to the box that indicates damage to the goods in it, you can report it out and do not take over the package. In the event that after the release of the product, in the presence of a courier, it is proven that the product was damaged and the damage occurred prior to the receipt of the goods, we will provide 8 day replacement service for the product. In such a case, the damage can be verified by the courier's report. In the absence of a protocol, we can not exchange the shipment free of charge. If you are experiencing injury, please contact our customer service immediately by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone + 36 30 958 68 25

Right of withdrawal

The 2002. XXXVI. each buyer has a right of withdrawal within 8 working days, subject to the following conditions: The right of withdrawal applies to all products that are returned in the factory and in packaging containing all packagings. The request for withdrawal can only be reported in writing by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fax 06 1 688 48 18. The value of the goods will be refunded within 30 days after returning the product. Repayment of the purchase price is possible after returning the goods. This article may only be returned with the original guarantee documents and invoice. Refunds do not apply to the shipping cost and the cost of returning the product, which will always be borne by the customer. If the product was delivered free of charge, the customer must reimburse the cost of the product based on the weight of the product, which, as a discount, is discontinued by the distributor. If the product has been used by the Buyer and can not be returned in complete packaging, scratched or damaged, the distributor will not repurchase the product and will return it to the customer at the Customer's expense. The consumer is not entitled to a right of withdrawal from the purchase: in the case of goods sold to the consumer (individual orders).

Product warranty, (151/2003 (IX.22) on certain durable consumer goods warranty) We guarantee the warranty and warranty terms of the law or the manufacturer's warranty. The warranty claims of the products covered by the warranty can be claimed by a copy of the invoice and by the original guarantee. For products with no warranties, the invoice or a copy thereof is a warranty certificate. Unauthorized use, unauthorized repairs or modification of the products will result in immediate warranty loss.

Guarantee service

If a product purchased in our store is defective within warranty and warranty period, please notify us immediately. • You can return the product to our site or to the service provided by us personally, courier service or by post. The shipping cost is borne by the buyer. We will not be able to receive a guarantee for the delivery of a guarantee product by post or courier service. • Guaranteed products must be returned, if possible, in original packaging, with original accessories, in clean condition, for any replacement claim. In case of delivery of a delivery or courier, it is important that in addition to the required paper, an error description and an intraday telephone contact may be included with the defective product. Please fill in the correct packaging of the items returned by courier or courier service as no liability can be assumed for damage caused during transport. • We take delivery of all warranties. The products delivered are tested, repaired or replaced. Damage resulting from improper use and the related costs will be the cause of the damage!


Seller is not liable for damages caused by external intrusion on the webshop's website or for any delay caused by the provider's transmission of information, computer viruses, line and system malfunctions. Buyer's responsibility is the use of products purchased on the basis of information contained in our webshop. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by misuse.

Data protection

Certain information and data are essential for order picking, purchasing, invoicing, delivery, warranty, and warranty contract. The data and information provided by us can only be used by Gyurák Hidraulika Kft. The user agrees that Gyurák Hiraulika Kft. manages, processes and stores personal data for the purposes specified above. When handling your data, we will comply with the Privacy Act.

Legal notice

Images and texts may be used in whole or in part, copying is prohibited. Any use in any form is only possible with the express written permission of the owner. The web site contains image and text material from our suppliers, and we have the necessary permissions for publishing. The trademark Epextech on the website is owned exclusively by Gyurák Hidraulika Kft. Gyurák Hidraulika Kft. draws attention to the fact that its trademark rights are being enforced without restriction, even in criminal law.



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district XX.
1202 Budapest


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Buying tax excluded

Our partner company in Slovakia has got EU community VAT number, therefore our customers in the European Union can buy products on Net price.

More details: +36 30 958 68 25

1 + 1 year warranty