Parts Washer, 150 l

Parts Washer, 150 l
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  • It is suitable for washing up to 1 m long.
  • Made of steel.
  • The nozzle is located on a flexible tube.
  • For washing small parts, the removable inner table and tray can be used.

Technical details

Voltage: 220V
Pump performance: 20l/perc
Capacity: 150l
Washing liquid quantity: 45-70l
Inner size: 1060x510x270mm
Max. temperature of washing liquid: 50°C
Packaging size: 1140x550x330 mm

Applicable washing liquid

  • The part washer was designed for use with water-soluble solutions.
  • Do not use the following chemicals for washing: petrol, petroleum, oil, methyl ethylene, trichlorethylene, perchlorethylene, acetone.
  • Only use wash liquids with the permissible ph.
  • Solution ph: 6-8
  • Auto-ignition temperature:> 55 ° C
  • Degree of Hazard: III.
  • Washing liquid max. temperature: 50 ° C
Product Weight: 44.5 kg
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