One-phase generators

Many times, we do not have the power grid available, but we absolutely need electricity.

In this case, we offer a wide range of AGT HONDA powertrain generators, as these machines can be used to power the construction and other workplaces and to replace the mains voltage with their reliability.

We provide a full range of single-phase generators in the range of 2.2 kVA to 12 kVA, so we can provide solutions wherever electric power is needed.

The power generator's performance is as low as possible from the total power of the consumers you want to operate. 20% higher. If the consumer requires a high starting current, preferably min. three to four times the power generation capacity. Let us count with the possible higher performance requirement later.

One-phase generators

Net price: 137.717 Ft
Gross tax: 174.901 Ft
Tax amount: 37.184 Ft

Generator, 230V - 3,0 kVA

Net price: 141.654 Ft
Gross tax: 179.901 Ft
Tax amount: 38.247 Ft

Generator, 230V - 12,0 kVA

Net price: 157.402 Ft
Gross tax: 199.901 Ft
Tax amount: 42.499 Ft

Generator, 230V - 3,0 kVA

Net price: 232.205 Ft
Gross tax: 294.900 Ft
Tax amount: 62.695 Ft

Petrol generator, 230V - 6,1 kVA

Net price: 236.142 Ft
Gross tax: 299.900 Ft
Tax amount: 63.758 Ft

Generator, 230V - 4,2 kVA

Net price: 810.236 Ft
Gross tax: 1.029.000 Ft
Tax amount: 218.764 Ft

Generator, 230V, 11,0 kVA

Net price: 865.354 Ft
Gross tax: 1.099.000 Ft
Tax amount: 233.646 Ft

Generator, 230V, 12,0 kVA, electric start



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