The AGT HONDA motor-driven welding power generating units can be used in every field of construction.

These low weight and space machines can be used very well in various arc welding jobs, and they also produce single- and three-phase electricity as a single generator. It delivers a complete range of portable power generators and welding power generators in the range of 3.5 to 6.5 kVA to provide a solution where electric power is needed.

The welding generators are equipped with double winding. One winding provides the welding current and the other supplies the consumers with normal voltage. They are characterized by good tension, the care of large starter consumables (eg submersible pumps), and the excellent welding current control, which is also done electronically.

All power generating base frames are uncoated.

Advantages of AGT Premium Welder Power Generators:

  • portable gasoline generators, 3000 rpm
  • strong, sturdy metal frame that facilitates machine lifting
  • recommended for industrial use
  • wheel set for easier movement (option)

Welding generators

Net price: 392.913 Ft
Gross tax: 499.000 Ft
Tax amount: 106.087 Ft

Generator, 230V - 3.4 kVA, 400V - 6,5 kVA, 200DC - 35%, 170DC - 60%



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