Many practical accessories can be supplemented with MASTER heaters, which make the heaters more economical and widespread.

For gas-fueled chimney heaters, B18 and B30 electric heaters can be connected to heat-resistant, flexible air ducts at a specific location from the hot or fired appliance without the loss of warm air. Use a pipe connection kit. It is very important to use the original factory air duct and pipe fitting kit, as any other solution can damage the heaters.

With adjustable room thermostats, the heaters can be operated more economically. When the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat stops the heating and then restarts the air heater when the temperature drops.

Additional heater accessories:

  • smoke pipes, elbows, chimney cover (for chimney heaters)
  • storage bags for air ducts (for chimneys and electric heaters)
  • trolley (for B35, B70 and XL6 air heaters)
  • pressure reducer BLP type, gas heaters (reducer)
  • pipe tee and gas pipes for gas cylinders (for BLP type, gasifier heaters)
  • oil pipeline (for larger BV heaters)

Stainless steel exhaust-pipe

Net price: 13.307 Ft
Gross tax: 16.900 Ft
Tax amount: 3.593 Ft

Stainless steel chimney pot MASTER 150 mm BV110-170-290-310-500

Net price: 16.457 Ft
Gross tax: 20.900 Ft
Tax amount: 4.443 Ft

Stainless steel exhaust pipe MASTER 150mm x 1m BV110-170-290-310-500

Net price: 19.606 Ft
Gross tax: 24.900 Ft
Tax amount: 5.294 Ft

Stainless steel exhaust elbow 90° MASTER 150 mm BV110-170-290-310-500



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