Electric heaters


Heating capacity:  1 - 40 kW

Advantages of MASTER electric heaters:

  •   Smoke, odor and vapor free of instantaneous heat
  •   Does not consume oxygen
  •   Best for drying
  •   It can also be operated in a closed room
  •   Quiet operation
  •   100% efficiency
  •   Strong, robust design, aesthetic, painted design
  •   Adjustable heating power
  •   Overheating thermostat
  •   Heat-shrinked motor, stainless steel heating fixtures
  •   Built-in room thermostat

MASTER electric heaters are the most widely used air heaters. The built-in room thermostat and multi-stage switches make these heaters ideal for most general purpose heating, heating and drying tasks. The unheated fan stage and the large air flow provide ventilation function.

Electric heaters can be put into operation immediately, do not require installation, operate reliably and efficiently. Thanks to their mobile design, they are always in place.

  • The single-phase electric hot air blower factory cable must be connected directly to a suitable network and its extension is prohibited. For the operation of three-phase electric heaters, we recommend using power cables manufactured and distributed by the Master.

  • Before using a factory power cord, be sure to check with an electrician whether the technical specifications of the power cable are in accordance with the power required by the appliance. Inadequate power cord (too thin wire or too long cable) will cause damage to the product and no warranty of any kind.

  • Read the operating instructions supplied with the machines before using them.

Electric heaters

Net price: 12.520 Ft
Gross tax: 15.900 Ft
Tax amount: 3.380 Ft

Electric heater, 1-2 kW

Net price: 17.244 Ft
Gross tax: 21.900 Ft
Tax amount: 4.656 Ft

Electric heater, 3 kW

Descount net price19.063 Ft
Discount gross price24.210 Ft
Tax amount: 5.147 Ft

Heater, electic, 2kW

Descount net price22.837 Ft
Discount gross price29.003 Ft
Tax amount: 6.166 Ft

Electric heater, 3,3 kW

Net price: 35.354 Ft
Gross tax: 44.900 Ft
Tax amount: 9.546 Ft

Electric heater (4,5/9kW)

Descount net price35.821 Ft
Discount gross price45.493 Ft
Tax amount: 9.672 Ft

Electric air heater with integrated room thermostat (mobile heater)

Net price: 46.378 Ft
Gross tax: 58.900 Ft
Tax amount: 12.522 Ft

Electric air heater with integrated room thermostat (mobile heater)

Net price: 78.661 Ft
Gross tax: 99.899 Ft
Tax amount: 21.238 Ft

Electric air heater with integrated room thermostat (mobile heater)

Net price: 121.969 Ft
Gross tax: 154.901 Ft
Tax amount: 32.932 Ft

Heater, electric, 22kW

Net price: 165.276 Ft
Gross tax: 209.901 Ft
Tax amount: 44.625 Ft

Electric air heater with air duct connection (mobile heating system)

Net price: 236.142 Ft
Gross tax: 299.900 Ft
Tax amount: 63.758 Ft

Heater, electric, 30kW

Net price: 314.882 Ft
Gross tax: 399.900 Ft
Tax amount: 85.018 Ft

Electric air heater with integrated room thermostat (mobile heater)

Net price: 314.882 Ft
Gross tax: 399.900 Ft
Tax amount: 85.018 Ft

Electric heater, 40kW



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