General oil heaters


MASTER's general oil heaters are guaranteed to be reliable and high efficiency devices.

They largely meet the requirements of international quality and safety standards. They can be put into operation immediately, do not require installation, and can be operated wherever they are needed thanks to their mobile design.

MASTER WA33 is suitable for industrial facilities, halls, warehouses, service areas, garages or agricultural facilities. Heavy-duty, efficient heating equipment for heating with various types of fuel (diesel oil, vegetable oils, etc.).


Advantages of the MASTER WA 33 general oil burner heater:

  •   Adjustable two-stage (Low / High) heat output
  •   100% pure warm air
  •   constant temperature (50-70 ° C) heating air
  •   durable, robust design
  •   flame monitoring photocell
  •   overflow safety system
  •   built-in, high-volume container
  •   fan air flow
  •   radiant heat in all directions
  •   supplied with T-element (flue-drain cleaning element)

General oil heaters

Net price: 264.488 Ft
Gross tax: 335.900 Ft
Tax amount: 71.412 Ft

Heater 33kW multioil MASTER WA33C



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