Natural gas heaters


MASTER Natural Gas Heaters are well suited for heating halls and warehouses, workshops, plants, industrial and agricultural facilities. Devices can be installed quickly and easily.

They can be fitted outdoors and indoors. Strong, durable stainless steel or stainless steel cover can be ordered.

Ideal for heating and ventilation tasks for livestock.

(adequate ventilation of the room is indispensable to ensure proper oxygen supply)


Master CF75 földgáz üzemű hőlégfúvó, fűtőberendezés


Only authorized person can do the implementation of the gas distribution and power grid connection.

Natural gas heaters

Net price: 335.354 Ft
Gross tax: 425.900 Ft
Tax amount: 90.546 Ft

Gas burner with gas heating (with galvanized cover)

Net price: 345.591 Ft
Gross tax: 438.901 Ft
Tax amount: 93.310 Ft

Heater, natural gas, galvanized



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Buying tax excluded

Our partner company in Slovakia has got EU community VAT number, therefore our customers in the European Union can buy products on Net price.

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