Oil heaters (with chimney)


Heating capacity:  20 - 220 kW

Advantages of MASTER gas oil chimney heaters:

  •   Pure warm air
  •   High air capacity:
    • BV: 1550-3300 m3 / h
    • BV-FS (AirBus): 4400-12500 m3 / h
  •   Stainless steel firebox
  •   Large fuel tank (BV77E, BV110E, BV170E, BV290E)
  •   Easy to move, wheeled
  •   Electronic photocell flame retardant
  •   Strong, robust design, aesthetic, painted design
  •   Engine with thermal protection
  •   Overheating thermostat
  •   Thermostat for re-cooling
  •   The outer casing remains touched
  •   Controlled by room thermostat (TH5 or THD but this is for hot air blowers only from 2015.07)
  •   Available accessories: room thermostat, air duct, smoke pipe etc.
  •   Three fuel filters: tank inlet, suction,
  • in a fuel pump (BV77 / 110/170/290)
  •   Two fuel filters: one at the tank opening,
  • one in the suction nozzle (BV310 / 470/690)

MASTER gas oil, chimney heaters are produced in large quantities, quickly, completely clean, dry, smoke-free, warm air.

They are ideally suited for shops, event tents, industrial facilities, rooms, and rooms with difficult ventilation.

An air duct for hot air can be connected to the units.

Only some limited warranty on certain elements of the heater ignition system!

Oil heaters (with chimney)

Net price: 403.858 Ft
Gross tax: 512.900 Ft
Tax amount: 109.042 Ft

Heater, indirect oil heater, 47kW

Net price: 478.661 Ft
Gross tax: 607.899 Ft
Tax amount: 129.238 Ft

Heater, oil, 81kW

Net price: 996.850 Ft
Gross tax: 1.266.000 Ft
Tax amount: 269.150 Ft

Oil heater, 75kW, 230V

Net price: 1.082.677 Ft
Gross tax: 1.375.000 Ft
Tax amount: 292.323 Ft

Gas oil (chimney) air heater with 4 air discharge (mobile heater)

Net price: 1.351.102 Ft
Gross tax: 1.715.900 Ft
Tax amount: 364.798 Ft

Heater, indirect oil heater, 150 kW

Net price: 1.468.504 Ft
Gross tax: 1.865.000 Ft
Tax amount: 396.496 Ft

Indirect oil heater, 220kW, 230V

Net price: 1.496.063 Ft
Gross tax: 1.900.000 Ft
Tax amount: 403.937 Ft

Indirect oil heater, 220 kW



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Buying tax excluded

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1 + 1 year warranty