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Karosszériás eszközök
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Car body tools

Net price: 658 Ft
Gross tax: 836 Ft
Tax amount: 178 Ft

Door Upholstery Remover, 200 mm

Net price: 914 Ft
Gross tax: 1.161 Ft
Tax amount: 247 Ft

Door Upholstery Remover, 230 mm

Net price: 1.297 Ft
Gross tax: 1.647 Ft
Tax amount: 350 Ft

Take Puller, 6x100 mm

Net price: 1.355 Ft
Gross tax: 1.721 Ft
Tax amount: 366 Ft

Door Upholstery Panel Remover, 6,2x115 mm

Net price: 1.505 Ft
Gross tax: 1.911 Ft
Tax amount: 406 Ft

Door Upholstery Panel Remover, 10x115 mm

Descount net price1.438 Ft
Discount gross price1.826 Ft
Tax amount: 388 Ft

This windshield glass knife tool designed for automotive glass removal. With help of this tool you can easily and quickly remove your car’s back glass, wind shields and sealed windows glasses.

Net price: 1.829 Ft
Gross tax: 2.323 Ft
Tax amount: 494 Ft

Door Upholstery Panel Remover - U Type, 9,5x134 mm

Net price: 1.915 Ft
Gross tax: 2.432 Ft
Tax amount: 517 Ft

Windshield wiper arm/battery terminal puller, clamping capacity 25-43 mm

Net price: 2.038 Ft
Gross tax: 2.588 Ft
Tax amount: 550 Ft

Suitable for disassembling and assembling the door trim.

Descount net price2.514 Ft
Discount gross price3.193 Ft
Tax amount: 679 Ft

For use on most modern aftermarket and factory stereos

Net price: 3.142 Ft
Gross tax: 3.990 Ft
Tax amount: 848 Ft

Spare Glue Stick for BGS 865, 8057, 10 pcs

Only for order: 8-10 days
Descount net price3.183 Ft
Discount gross price4.042 Ft
Tax amount: 859 Ft

Suitable for working on doortrims, body line mouldings, O-rings

Net price: 3.629 Ft
Gross tax: 4.609 Ft
Tax amount: 980 Ft

Upholstery tool set, 6 pcs. Suitable for door trim, decoration lining, sealing ring assembly.

Net price: 3.925 Ft
Gross tax: 4.985 Ft
Tax amount: 1.060 Ft

Door Trim Pliers

Only for order: 8-10 days
Descount net price5.405 Ft
Discount gross price6.864 Ft
Tax amount: 1.459 Ft

Ideal for removing all types of automotive type trims, dash board parts etc.

Descount net price5.478 Ft
Discount gross price6.957 Ft
Tax amount: 1.479 Ft

Brand new, heavy duty, windshield removal tool kit, suitable for variety of vehicles

Net price: 6.301 Ft
Gross tax: 8.002 Ft
Tax amount: 1.701 Ft

Dent Set 7-Piece

Only for order: 8-10 days
Net price: 6.405 Ft
Gross tax: 8.134 Ft
Tax amount: 1.729 Ft

Trim pad removal tool kit

Net price: 7.055 Ft
Gross tax: 8.960 Ft
Tax amount: 1.905 Ft

For damage-free removal and separation of windshields and trims. Inner, outer windshield blade, steel wire, wire feeder tool, trim pad remover

Descount net price6.362 Ft
Discount gross price8.080 Ft
Tax amount: 1.718 Ft

Provides safe and convenient operation to remove glass surfaces.

Net price: 7.622 Ft
Gross tax: 9.680 Ft
Tax amount: 2.058 Ft

Special Clip Remover Set, 5 pcs

Only for order: 8-10 days
Net price: 9.964 Ft
Gross tax: 12.654 Ft
Tax amount: 2.690 Ft

Hole punch and bend plier (5 mm), disc thickness: 1mm, total length: 290mm.

Net price: 10.395 Ft
Gross tax: 13.202 Ft
Tax amount: 2.807 Ft

Applicable where the standard coil cannot be used, for example releasing bearings, bolts, gears and any other corroded bindings, shafts, stuck sensors, ball-joints, 800 mm

Net price: 11.594 Ft
Gross tax: 14.724 Ft
Tax amount: 3.130 Ft

Body Repair Set, 7 pcs

Only for order: 8-10 days
Descount net price12.679 Ft
Discount gross price16.102 Ft
Tax amount: 3.423 Ft

Pull dents and body panels and straighten panel edges

Net price: 16.699 Ft
Gross tax: 21.208 Ft
Tax amount: 4.509 Ft

Compression cylinder, compression force: 5t, stroke 130 mm, max. pulling distance: 575mm.

Net price: 25.241 Ft
Gross tax: 32.056 Ft
Tax amount: 6.815 Ft

For rapid repair of dents on the body without paint and metal damage, glue gun, drip extractor, glue inserts 10 pcs (PDR), glue solube, plastic razor blade, suction cups 18 pcs.

Net price: 36.076 Ft
Gross tax: 45.817 Ft
Tax amount: 9.741 Ft

Suitable for straightening, bending, pressing and contraction.

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