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Advantages of the lease construction:

  • You can apply for a net amount of HUF 200,000 (the upper limit is unique)
  • Without self-employment, with favorable conditions
  • Fixed HUF Funding, the monthly fee stays fixed during the term and can be well planned
  • A duration of at least 24 months and up to 60 months
  • The monthly fee is 100% eligible as a cost and can reduce the tax burden
  • Development can be realized without a lump sum, divided into monthly installments
  • Flexible and fast on-line administration, customer rating within a few hours

It may require both individual and corporate companies (from small and medium-sized companies to multinational companies), public sector actors (municipalities, central budget organizations and their companies), social organizations and churches. their businesses).

Additional costs:

  • Contract award fee (19 800 HUF + VAT)
  • Insurance

The contractual structure HUF FIX interest rate, HUF market interest rate (BUBOR) over the maturity does not affect the amount of each repayment. The monthly fee remains unchanged, well designed, even if the forint interest rate rises, the interest stays the same.

Payments are payable monthly / quarterly. The first prize is due on the first day of the month / quarter after commissioning. In the case of a purchase price not exceeding 500 000 HUF, only a quarterly payment schedule is possible. For the period between the transfer and the first payment, a daily usage fee is payable, which is the monthly value of the monthly fee. Monthly / quarterly fees are settled on a quarterly basis, based on a collection order. If the Customer chooses a different payment method, the fee payable will be increased by HUF 2 500 + VAT, in consideration of the extra costs of processing each payment.

Brief description of our indicative HUF based contractual conditions:

According to our company's recommendation GRENKELEASING Magyarország Kft. Purchases the tool selected by the Client and - according to the Act V of the Civil Code of 2013 6: 409. (1) of the Act on the Financing of the Client.

Based on Act C of 2000 on Accounting, the concluded leasing contract is governed by the rules on bookkeeping, accounting, settlement and reporting on long-term leases.

In addition, the contract does not qualify as a financial lease under the Act on Credit Institutions and Financial Enterprises, so no authorization is required for the provision of contractual services.

GRENKELEASING Magyarország Kft. Automatically offers its customers the opportunity to participate in the framework insurance, whose fee is 1.5% of the value of the asset, 4.5% per year for portable devices, but minimum 13 000 HUF / year. If you intend to insure your own insurance, please do not hesitate to send the cover certificate to the GRENKELAESING Magyarország Kft. At the latest within three weeks of the date of receipt of the transfer, otherwise our insurance offer is deemed to be accepted.

"KO Criteria" (in which cases we will not be able to start the bon test):

  • Negative equity
  • Ongoing enforcement procedure
  • Revenues below 10M (unless the client applies a small business tax form)
  • Business history of less than 2 years

Our offer is informative, which can be modified by the Client's request and the financing decision of our company. Our decision is preceded by an analysis of the Leaseholder's management data and the other parameters of the Transaction, on the basis of which the final conditions of the contract may be amended and clarified.

GRENKELEASING Magyarország Kft. Terms and Conditions: LINK (PDF, 241 kB)

For inquiries and further information please contact us below by e-mail:

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